Friday, June 6, 2008

A Little Upset

My husband and i were a little upset about the internet connection because before my son and i flew over here in Philippines i already talked to my brother to see if i can get the best internet connection so that i can still blog and be able to talk and see hubby online even though we are far from him and at the same time do my hobby, the blogging. I have been so worried about my blogs because i haven't updated these since i got here in Philippines and i am really sad because i won't be able to connect my close friends here and meet new friends especially to those new beginners that needs my help. I would love to help bloggers especially if the person is really nice and friendly.

Anyway, so as hubby he is a little upset because our son is been looking for him and we cannot see each other everyday because we don't have internet connection still until now. And hubby told me that if the internet won't come until last week of this month i might just forget it and don't worry about it no more because in about a month i am going to stay in cebu and will have to wait for the time until i deliver my special little girl. Hope things will work out fine although i haven't got the internet, hubby calls all the time anyway so no big deal really, it is just our son loves to see his daddy everyday, poor boy!

Great Signs For Cars

It is so nice to have everything prepared when you have something special coming. Just like when i preprared my son's big day, i had everything well prepared and the party went well just like what i planned. Also the fiesta we had two weeks ago was a successful get together with my family and friends. I am glad that all that i planned was very organized and it was indeed successful. And i won't be able to do all the preparations without the help of Vista Print, they have everything i need, from greeting cards to invitation cards.

But not just that, they also can produce the nice and neat magnetic signs for cars which is really great because since i am planning to buy a pick up truck here back home, i would love to have the magnetic signs specially ordered from Vista Print because they have the excellent quality and very bold letters that i like most because i don't like those small ones that is really hard for me to read since my eyes is defective. So this is great idea and i am sure that to those people who have cars would love to own magnetic signs as well like i do.