Monday, December 13, 2010

My VIP Kindergarten Boy

My son is excited today to go to school. Last week before he left his school his teacher gave him a special paper that he needs to finish and present it to his teacher by Monday, he is a VIP student today. That's what really made him excited because he will be the one to show his classmates about his VIP homework containing about him and his family and friend, what he likes to eat, his favorite color and where he likes to go all the time.
It was so funny that he tried to do his homework just by himself which is really nice of him that he did not asked any help from Daddy and Mommy. But according to the paper that he brought home, it needs some picture to put on, but he instead drew us as his family and it looks so cute and funny lol! So i told him that we will help together to do his homework. I printed some pictures of us as his family, himself and his friend's picture too. I also printed pictures the fruit he likes to eat, which is grapes and the place that he likes to go to, which is the park. He even asked me if he was in the park picture, so that made me laugh because i only searched the picture in the net and printed it. Too bad i don't have a picture of a park that he was in there. Oh well, better to have the one i got for him than nothing though. Now, he's all ready to go and so anxious to get to school.

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