Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Local Yellowpage Is Very Helpful

Don't you find the local yellowpages very helpful? I have had a lot of experiences myself about getting help from it. Since we love to travel with my family, i always find it very helpful to use the local yellowpage wherever we are. There was one time that we had a trip by east of the country over two years ago, we got lost and can't find the place that we're supposed to go because that was the first time we traveled there, well, it's not first time for hubby but technically, it was his first time going to his brother's new house. So i told hubby why not stop to a place where there's phone booth so we can find his younger brother's phone number by doing the local search. We found his brother's number and we're so glad that we made it to his home safe and sound, we spent our Christmas day over there and left a day after the holiday.

But before we left his younger brother's house, we searched the local restaurants for us to know where to go and eat since we were not familiar to that city where they live. It was a fun vacation and quite a long one. Although we lost and found our ways, and got so exhausted, but it was a one memorable trip that my family would never ever forget. We stopped by to many places and bought some things as our remembrance of our trip. We do that every time we go for a trip so we can keep something that will reminds us we've been to that place.

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