Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Online Math Tutor For Me

When i was still in high school the subject that i hate the most is the math. I am very weak in math for i cannot easily understand it. Well, i can understand the basic but with those some other things in math makes me hard to understand and solve it. Call me dummy i would admit it because that is true. You better let me do something else rather than let me do a math solving, which i cannot guarantee to give a correct answer. If only my mother has enough source of income, she would probably get me a Math Tutor so i can have one on one teaching and that way, i can fully understand of what will the Tutor will teach me.

Now that i have kids of my own, i will make sure that they will do good in school especially the math because it is part of our daily life. I hope they will inherit their father's intelligence. Hubby is really good at math, he can sum up big numbers by just using his mind while i use calculator and he still beats me. Hubby said that i might consider enrolling myself to an Online math tutor so to sharpen my knowledge about math. Since i am a stay at home mother, getting an Online Tutor is just perfect for me because it's available 24/7 for just a very affordable price . So wish me luck, even though i know that i am very weak in math, i still am hoping that i will learn more about it.

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Norah said...

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