Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decaffeinated Coffee

I don't really go to a coffee shop before because caffeine makes me sick, it makes me hyper and feels like i am drunk. My friends has been encouraging me to just keep on drinking until my system gets immune to the caffeine. I love the smell of the coffee though but i just can't control the effect to me after i drink it. I also can't sleep and it makes me paranoid. I keep on hearing silly sounds that only me can hear. It's like i am taking a high dosage drug whenever i have caffeine in my system.

But since i learned that there is a decaffeinated coffee now, it made me so happy that finally i can now enjoy a cup of coffee every morning without getting paranoid or get hyper. I can sleep whenever i want to go to bed without worrying to hear any silly sounds. I love coffee really, especially when it is mixed with hazel nut cream, smells so good and tasty. Every morning i always make a cup of coffee for myself together with a piece of bagel with cream cheese in it. Hubby doesn't drink coffee because as for him, it is a bad liquid to intake. He said that coffee is not really good for our health, but i guess i can't help it especially when i smell the coffee, it's just so inviting for me.

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