Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Falling In Love In Piano Music

Who wouldn't fall inlove of Richard Clayderman's piano music? For sure most of you already know who is this person, he is the very famous pianist that's been playing lovely music that seems like has magic potion every time he plays it. Ever since when i was younger, i start loving his music already but was not fully aware then who he was that time. All i know is his music is so soothing and very relaxing to the souls who listens to it. It was yesterday when i decided to keep on listening to his music through youtube and i was so surprised that he was the one who played all those music that i really love. What's ironic about it is, it was his birthday yesterday and i just thought of searching all his songs and listened to it the whole day!

How i wish one of my kids will get interested to play instruments especially the piano for i really love listening to it. In fact, i was day dreaming earlier that it was my oldest who played the piano and i was sitting beside him. Hubby used to play piano during his younger years but for some reason he stopped. It would have been so nice if he continued it so he still can play piano until now and will play with me sitting beside him. But oh well, i will just hope for my kids now, really i am inlove with piano music. Richard Clayderman is been playing piano at his early age and was taught by his father who himself is a piano teacher.

I will try to suggest it to my son to play piano and i hope that he will get interested to it and will fully embrace that kind of hobby it later on. I would be so nice if he plays piano while i sit beside him, that would be so awesome! I myself is not an instrument lover, but i love when someone will play it for me, it always amazes me whenever there's someone that has the talent how to play instruments. So, if one of my kids will love to play instruments, especially the piano, then that's the time that one of my dreams for them will come true.

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