Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprise On Mother's Day

It won't be long, couple of months from now and it will be mother's day again. This is going to be my 6th year to celebrate as a mother. I became a mother in the year 2005 when i delivered my very first child. It was indeed a memorable moment for me, i had mix emotions then all over me. It was a good timing when my boy was born because it was mother's day that day. Every year hubby gives me something special when mother's day comes, it's always a surprise, although he gives me simple things, but i do appreciate it a lot, knowing that he's thinking of me and thanking me as a mother of his kids. I wonder if what am i going to have this mothers day 2011 gifts from husband? Hmmm, let's wait and see, he likes to surprise me and i love it too....

Waiting For Winter Sale

Yay i can't wait for the spring time! It's almost here! And for sure that winter sale will be all over the store. This time of year will be the perfect time to buy winter items for they will mark it down to get the spring items ready for the next couple of months. My boys definitely needs new clothes and some other things that they wear everyday. I am hunting for the sale items that's marked 50 to 75 percent off, they even have 80 percent off sometimes. Just like last time, i bought a lot of clothes for them, and of course for me as well, i got the kamik rain boots that i wear almost everyday during winter season. I love it for it is very comfortable to my feet and it's light. I know for sure i will be getting more stuff this year...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prom Dresses

I just barely got done viewing all the JS prom party of my cousin. I could not believe it myself how much she has grown. It seems like she was only a baby when i had my first job and stayed in their house for awhile. I used to tease my cousin because she gets upset easy and gets mad at me and lock herself inside her room for hours and falls asleep in there. Now she just attended a JS party which means she is about to graduate in high school soon. Goodness, i feel old now! haha!

Anyway, i am glad to see her that she enjoyed the party according to what i saw to her pictures that she posted in the networking website. Her dress is gorgeous and it fit to her perfectly. The color choice was excellent as well, it matched to her wallet that she was holding. Her mom must did a great job for preparing everything for her. I also saw some of her classmates prom dresses, but there was nothing like hers, she stood out in the crowd and she looked like she is a princess in her dress. I remember i was able to attend the JS prom too but the dress i wore wasn't mine, it was a rental dress.

I love to wear dress myself, and i would like to collect some of it if i have budget for it. Though i have few already, but i was thinking that i should just have to hold on to it for now for i have no special occasions to attend to such as formal parties that i will be oblige to wear something like evening dresses. I sometimes dream to be in a ball and wearing a real nice gown myself and being praised how beautiful i am wearing my gorgeous dress. It might be just a dream for now, but who knows it might come true. That's just one of my simple dream that i want it to come true =) These are some dresses that i would like to wear, which of these do you think that will fit me good?

Scared? Or Worried?

Every morning i always am busy because i a have a little one and also a kindergarten that i need to take care of to get him ready for school. Even though he doesn't go to school that early (which i am thankful about, because i always sleep late), i still get very busy in the morning. Having two kids is a lot of work for me already. That's why i am so amazed by my mother for she was able to take care all of us, she's got nine kids and we all are raised well with good manners, good etiquette, and most of all, healthy and happy.

Anyway, it's a lot different here though because i am the only one that does everything in the house including the kids. Especially the little one, i really need to keep my eye close to him all the time for he cannot just sit or stay still, he's got to to have something to do that will keep him busy. There were one time that i caught him in the kitchen on top of the counter playing those knives in our butcher blocks. Goodness! He used the small ladder so he can get on top and reach the things that got him interested. I don't really trust him just being by himself though, i already had enough of situations that got me scared to death.

This picture below was taken yesterday. He was on top of his big brother's blue chair standing by the window. I was wondering why he was so quiet and watching so seriously outside. So i sneaked on him without him knowing i was there, i took a picture of him without his knowledge. He was so fascinated with those birds outside on top of the walnut tree, they were chirping and singing and pecking the branch, hoping they can get some worms or some food. But my baby looks like, he is scared or worried in this picture, doesn't he? This boy is really something and he sure is a lot different from his big brother which is more behaved and more serious type of kid.
Scared? Or worried?

Motorcycle Helmets

Here i go again! Another headache due to lack of sleep. I slept late last night because i was chatting with my family back home. I always enjoy doing it despite the fact that i suffer a headache soon as i wake up in the morning. I guess i just have to take some pain reliever for this, it'll go away soon though. What's more important for me is i had fun and enjoy talking to my family.

My brother told me that he was looking for some Motorcycle Helmets for him and for our one brother. He did not like the one that was free from when we bought the motorcycle. There was two of them and he said that it is a little too big and heavy as well. He wants to buy that fits his head just right so it doesn't wiggle when he drives the motorcycle. Also the other brother complained about the free helmet he got, what do you expect? It's free anyway, so it's usually like that when it is free, not the best one that you can get. So, he showed me the helmets that he found on the net, he likes the most of their style and colors.

I honestly like their selections as well, they look so comfy and light. Since he got the white motorcycle and the other brother got the black motorcycle, i should say that this Shoei Helmets fits perfectly for both of them. I let them chose but they said that it will be up to my decision, so i asked them about what i thought it would be best for them and they were both happy when they saw what i chose for them. It's my happiness to make my family happy and it makes me smile whenever i see them gets excited for something.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Affordable Car Insurance

Having the most affordable yet excellent Car Insurance is one way of helping the financial status of a family or even to those who are single. Since single and younger drivers gets the most expensive car insurance usually for they are more at risk on the road. Hubby and i are happy enough to what we currently have, we pay not so much money on our car insurance yet, we get almost all the important coverage such as liability and other things. So far we don't have problem that we encountered with our car insurance for we have been a good drivers, both hubby and i.

Everything is under to what we expected it to be and it's been that way since hubby included my name in our car insurance. The previous car insurance that hubby used to have, charged us so much money for they said that i am not an experienced driver, how silly is that? So right then, we looked for another and better car insurance that will meet our budget and it will give us good coverage as well. And so far since then, we've been so happy that we switched, we got no trouble and the most good thing about it is a very affordable car insurance.

Holiday Cottages Rentals

Who doesn't like to have a good vacation? Especially when you are stressed and exhausted from work maybe or from everyday house chores that you always deal with. Just like me, i am a stay home mother and a little exhausted about keeping the house clean, yet i can still never keep it clean, thanks to the two active kids in the house. It takes me hours and hours to put things away while it only takes minutes for my two boys to make the house chaotic again.

And also the other thing that i am whining about is the cold weather here, although i have been here only for not so long but yet i am just too tired of this freezing weather we have here, and i guess i have no choice but to live with it for i a live here now with my family. I would say, i am destined to get stuck into this place, though i did not like the bitter cold winter season here.

Since hubby and i love to travel a lot, we have been considering to travel to different places and not just here around the country, we are also thinking that it will be good if we can see some new scenic place such as in Europe or somewhere else. A friend of mine told me about the villas in Furteventura which is so close to where she lives and her family. She is a little excited when she knew that we are planning to have a trip where she's at so we can meet in person and we are so sure that we'll do a lot of talking, as you all know, girls like to talk a lot.

She said that there are some good holiday cottages in there for rent and it is also affordable. But first, i have to let my husband know about this to see what he thinks. I am excited to see her in person as well. She's been a friend online for so long and it's probably about time to meet her up and her family as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Recent Profile Picture

You probably hardly noticed that i change my profile picture here every so often. It's because i like to put the recent photos i have and you might not know yet or maybe some faithful readers i have here knows already that i am getting hooked into photography. In fact i created a site for it, so i can post all the pictures that i like to share to everybody. And you might want to take a peek to that site i have, it's Photography Is My Hobby...
Yours truly
Anyway, i again, changed my profile picture and this is my very recent self portrait. I took this yesterday, i attended a birthday party of a friend that is dear to me. We celebrated her birthday in a very simple way, yet it was a blast for her and we all enjoyed the night. Indeed a very memorable moment for her and for her dear friends who came, including me. She is a friend that is worth to keep in someone's heart for she has a good heart just like my other dear friends.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing Photography

Photography is one hobby that i am currently hooked up on to. But i am still in the process of learning a lot of things from this hobby and i am just so amazed whenever i see a lot of excellent photographs taken by those professional photographers. I myself wants to be a professional too, and i know that i will get there, i just have to enroll to a photography class.

Anyway, i am talking about photography because i saw this aerial photography that caught my attention. How amazing it is to have such a great shots like these. Very impressive photographs that i sometimes wonder if i can do it myself. They must have a good photography equipments to take some awesome shots such as aerial cinematography and also the aerial videography. I have been watching in the television on how to take shots like this, but for now, i just have to be contented to what i can, i am a dreamer and i want all my dreams to come true. And there is nothing impossible to a person to dream and works for his dream as well.

What A Small World Indeed

What a small world indeed! A friend of mine for a long time is happen to be the best friend of my other friend. I did not know it until the first friend told me about her good friend that i found she is also my friend! Goodness, what a crazy world it is! Anyway, that's why i found out that the person that my friend was talking about is also my friend because she mentioned that this girl is going to Israel because she is going to take the summer programs in israel which she has been dreaming to go to that place. And now that she finally got her dream come true, i am sure that she is feeling like is in the cloud nine right at this moment.

Her flight will be this coming Friday and she is just so anxious, she packed her things long time ago already and looking forward for a good future that will bring her being in that place. She applied for an internships in israel and luckily she got qualified and now getting ready for it. Me and my friend which happens to be her friend as well, are just so happy for her success. I know that she will do good in there, and israel internships will take her to the top and bring her good future ahead.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best And Right Diet Pills

There are a lot of top rated diet pills in the market, but getting right one for you is not as easy as what you think it is. Some of them might have a bad effects especially those who are planning to get pregnant or is pregnant. Obviously pregnant women should not take any pills that may cause harm to the baby inside the womb. Diet pills should be taken when you are not pregnant or not undergoing any medication for some health problems. Diet pills might give you progress but it also can give you side effects from taking it, so make sure to choose the best and right one for you.

Above Ground Pools

The kids are growing so fast and i can't stop them! Goodness, i was viewing last night all the photos of my kids when they were just babies and it made me realize that they are indeed growing, where did those time go? Time flies indeed! And this coming spring time and summer, i must say that they want to be out more often for they have been stuck inside the house all winter long. I hibernated myself and so are they, they cannot go outside without me watching them or their daddy.

I am planning to get an above ground pools to put it in our backyard this coming summertime. The one that my oldest son has before is now tearing apart. So for them to enjoy our backyard more, getting a mini pool is just perfect. And i don't have to worry about it when winter comes again because there is cover for it. It is neat though, it's like a car that has cover and worry not about it when the snow pours so hard.

This Is Not Good, I Am Sick!

Name all the aches and pains in the world, i have it! Head that is burning and aching so bad, runny nose, sneezing endlessly, throat that is so dry and scratchy, sore muscles, and feels like i am going to have fever. I don't like getting sick for i know that even though i am sick, i am the only one that will do everything here inside the house, attending the kids and the never ending chores.

I want to get some rest, or maybe a full rest so i can recover quick, but i guess i can't get it knowing kids are all over the place, wherever i go they always follow me, the are like my tail, they can't just go somewhere and play. I wish Philippines is just an hour drive so i can just hop in the car and take off and get some help from family. In times like this, it makes me feel homesick because i wanted to be just by myself and get the full rest i want. Getting sick is no good at all because like what i said, no one can take my place and do all the things that i do here everyday. :((

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pills Side Effects

When taking some medicines, vitamins and supplements, it really is necessary to read the labels or the reviews about the certain pills for you to learn more about it that you are going to take. Such like this phentermine reviews, if you happen to hear about this pills, you've got to read this reviews because there are some side effects of it, it can be addicted and people should be warned about this thing for it is not good when you start taking it and will get addicted to it. Personally, i am not currently taking anything, and that is what i am afraid of, to take something and might be hard for me to get it off in my system. That's why i am very careful when it comes to matter like this. I am a little scared and i worry about the effects of these pills too.

Youthful Active Physically

Elder people starts to experience some problems, such as being forgetful, some body pains and other things. Memory gap is the most common problem of the elders, and having a human growth hormone is not a big problem nowadays for aging people because there is already a supplement for it that will help them maintain their memory sharp and maintain to be a youthful active physically. I should have known it then so to keep my mother active, it makes me feel so sad whenever she is telling me about her body pains. She should have taken this kind supplement long time ago to prevent her body from aging fast. But i guess it is not too late yet to do it, i would love to see my mother happy and active again like she was before.

Best Hair Loss Products

Once again i am happy that i was able to talk to my mother online yesterday. The kids and i made her happy somehow even though we are far apart from her. We talked a lot of things, and ended up talking about she is having a hair fall. She asked me if i could send her a best hair loss products that will treat her problem. She is a little scared about it because she is now seeing her scalp due to her hair fall problem. So i told her not to worry for i know the best one that is been using my brother in law and will get some for her to send. I will include it to my list so i can put it in the box that i am about to send it to her soon. I hope that the said product will work on her just as what is supposed to do.

Reviews Is A Must Read

Of all the diet pills that you are considering, you might be asking yourself which one of the weight loss pill that works really? It is sometimes hard to choose the best one that will work just as perfect that you wanted it to be, there are times that you have try to all of the pills that you heard that they work good for you to testify which one is really best for you. I have never tried to take some pills yet, but if it's in case i will, i have to make sure that i will read all the reviews for me to learn what will be the good effect and side effects from taking it. But since i don't want to take pills as of now, i would just like to advice that you really need to read the reviews of the certain pills that you are going to take.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Date With My Family

It has been awhile since i last updated this blog of mine. It's not that i am lazy though, i just can't find perfect topic to talk about and can't seem to find good words either. Anyway, i was going to ask you guys how was your valentines date with your partners go? Ours, like usual, hubby and i dated with our kids and it was a little late because the little one was not feeling so good and until he still cranky and sick. Whimpering in his sleep and whining when he's awake, doesn't me to put him down and wanted to be held all the time.

But hubby and i were glad that we were able to dine out last night. We both decided to go to Canyon since we've never been there for how many years now. We went straight to home depot first to get the things that we need for the house and stopped by at the mall to get the valentines gift for me. I was going to get the white bracelet but hubby told me that this watch below fits on me right, it looks good on my wrist rather than the white bracelet. So since it was hubby's suggesting it, i got this one instead of the white bracelet. I love it really, and it is very special for me because it was hubby who chose it for me. He bought me a digital watch six years ago and until now it's still working. I take care of everything really well especially if hubby is the one's giving it.
Valentines gift from hubby =)
After we got the watch, we headed to the pizza house where they have the most famous pizza for it is being baked through the firewoods and not through the oven. It was a very memorable valentines dinner date with my husband and our kids. Another unforgettable moment to treasure.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inexpensive Yet Good Quality

When i went home to visit my family, i noticed that every time i go to an internet shop, they have those acer desktops. It's probably because they are not as expensive like the other brands, yet it is reliable and has good quality kind of computer. It is also a wise thinking to have it as a business computers because it is lesser compared to the known branded computers but it's almost as good as branded ones. My brother has it too when he bought his new computer, he said it is being practical to have something like what he has because he doesn't really go for expensive computers.

A Clever Idea

The security cameras is really a big help for the stores. And i should say that every home should have at least one too, especially to those who are hiring baby sitters. You really cannot trust a stranger unless it's your family or relatives that are taking care of your baby. So having a camera in your house is one way to prevent abuse from your child while you are away. I mention this because i saw a movie about the spy camera that a guy created mainly for house, so while they are gone, he turns on the hidden camera for them to see what's going while they are away from their house. Which i think a clever idea, don't you think?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Gift Plan For Myself

When i got here in America six years ago, my husband bought me a dual time watch for me to figure out what time it would be in my country and at the same time i will see the time here as well. I was a little confused then so having a dual time watch is just easy for me learn the time easy. And until now i still have the watch, the battery has been replaced but the watch itself still looks good even though it is old already. It also still works just as good and what i like most about it is, it has a glow light so i can easily see the time during at night.

But since that this watch of mine served for a long time, i guess it's just about time to treat myself with my little income here through blogging and buy a new watch for me. I have been eyeing this fossil white bracelet watch. I just love how it looks and even though it doesn't have light (i guess), still this is the one that i am planning to get for myself. My birthday is fast approaching and this watch will be considered as gift for myself for turning thirty years of existence in this world. I already told hubby about my plan on buying myself a new watch and he said that it is a good idea and indeed, it's about time to replace my ever first watch that i got since i stepped my feet here in America.
fossil 2fossil 1fossil

Cherokee Scrubs

I would say that i am not even halfway done of shopping for my box to send to my mother. I promised her to send this box which has a lot of good things that she can use and the rest of my family. I also put the Cherokee scrubs for my niece that is now working in the hospital as a nurse. My family and i are so proud of her because for the first time, we have a nurse in the family, finally!!! I used to dream to be a nurse someday, but that someday did not come, it did not happen. But! I am happy to know that one of my niece made it! So now, instead of wearing scrubs myself, i ended buying it for my niece for her to wear it.