Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Address Plaques

Wouldn't be so nice to meet a new neighbor, and they are such good neighbors? That's what happened here both next doors. The two houses were sold and somebody bought it and now that they moved there, i was able to meet them for the first time yesterday. They were such a nice couple and trying to build a new family of their own. They were from Southern Utah and decided to move here because the husband was being assigned in his work here.

Anyway, they replaced some things in the house because it gotten too ugly and old. I agree, the lady who sold the house is just too old to take care of some things in her house, she is now staying in assisted living. That's probably why the children decided to just sell the house. The young couple replaced the old home address plaques that it's not almost recognizable due to too much dust in it. They said that they just barely moved there and they want their relatives when they visit to see the wall address plaques, right away so they won't get lost.

Ours is kind of old too already. So i guess we need to replace our whitehall address plaques as well. Hubby is been thinking about it though, he just have no time to shop for a nice one to replace ours. So since the neighbor is doing it, i might as well ask them where are they going to get theirs. Ours isn't that terribly bad though but it would be nice to replace it to make it look so new.
whitehall address

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