Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All Packed Up!!!

All things are packed and we're ready to go for our trip tomorrow! I just packed one luggage since it's not gonna be a long trip. All the family's clothes are inside in one luggage. We won't be needing a lot of clothes since we will be gone for only two days and we'll be back right after. Well, i guess we are really going tomorrow despite of what the weather forecast is telling us that we are going to have a freezing temperature tomorrow. What's good thing about it is the storm will be all gone by then when we leave the house. Hubby was a little worried when the storm started this afternoon because he thought it will lasts for couple of days. Good thing that the storm will stop tomorrow morning.

I remember two years ago when we had our trip to four corners that we encountered a white out by the mountains somewhere in Colorado and that really freaked me out for we cannot see anything but white. That was scary though because it did snow so heavy and we can barely see the street ahead of us. Glad that we all came back the house safe and sound. Anyway, hubby will be working tomorrow morning then soon as he comes home, we will be going and will be hitting the road to Grand Canyon. But before i forget, let me greet you all a happy thanksgiving!!! May you have a joyful celebration being with your family and friends!!!

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Betta sp said...

enjoy the trip :)
and happy thanksgiving to you