Friday, November 19, 2010

Depression Is Wicked

Do you have a loved one that is undergoing depression? Or maybe a dear friend? I knew someone that is currently undergoing depression, although she is not a close friend of mine but i worry about her. Her family are far away from her and her friends hardly visits her due to their hectic schedules. I tried to visit her once in a while so to check on her if she needs my help and my comfort. I feel for her for she most of the time just being by herself and no one to talk to. And being alone is the most worst thing that should happen to a depressed person. I was gonna advice her to seek for a mental health treatment but she might misinterpret what i want her to think.

It's not that she is going insane, i just want her to improve her self-esteem which is rapidly going so low lately. I hope i can do more for her but i also have family to take care of. I already searched some mental health treatment centers just in case if she wants to go then i am ready to give her the places that she can go to. But the problem is, i don't know how to start the topic with her. I am worried and at the same time hesitant to talk to her about her condition. Since we are not that close to each other, that kind of stops me from telling her that she might need to see a doctor for her condition. I just hope that when i visit her next time, i will see some close friends of hers or a relative so i can give the information about the mental health treatment directory i have researched for her. She really needs help and i don't want to see her gets worse.

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