Sunday, November 28, 2010

Someone Wants Wii For Christmas

Daddy, i want Wii this Christmas!!! That's what we heard from our dear son while Daddy was driving heading back home. He was so excited to tell us what he wants to get this coming holiday. So we told him that he better be good and do good in school because Santa is watching him and if he is doing great, then Santa will grant his wish. It's a joy to our hearts that we are able to give what our son wants, it's a way of telling him that we are so proud of him for doing so well in his school.

I am sure that he's not gonna be the only one that will enjoy the game that he is wishing. Daddy and Mommy will probably be playing it too. So hubby asked me if are we going to give him the Wii that he's been bugging us. Well, Daddy said that our budget is kind of tight still, but who knows Santa Daddy might come and give the boy's wish!

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vivapinay said...

My kids love that too.. how i wish Santa will hear their prayers.. hahaha