Thursday, November 18, 2010

Garden Tools And Patio Furniture Shopping

My Saturday is already scheduled. I am going to be with my dearest friend, we are going to shop some garden tools for their garden. Her husband asked her if she could buy those things they need for the garden and since she wants to swing over at the mall later, she said she'll do it. I think they are going to do something in their garden and their patio, they have quite a big garden and the patio is very relaxing place to stay. As a matter of fact, i always hang out there in their patio every time i go to their place. Anyway, she needs to buy some new garden tools because their olds ones broke off when they last used it.

And in their patio, she needs to replace their furniture as well. She likes me to go with her so i can help her pick the best outdoor furniture that will perfectly fit to their patio. I suggested her that it would be nice if she will put a hammock in her patio so when her husband gets tired from gardening, he can just lay in the hammock and enjoy the view in their garden. We need to get all of them before next week because we have different destination during thanksgiving. She is going to her inlaws while my family and i are going for a fun trip. But for now, she needs my help in getting those things she need, hopefully we'll be able to get all of them today.


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