Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Contented Of My Web Hosting

Rarely i see bloggers nowadays that are using free domain. I have my own domains now for about 3 years and i am happy and contented to it. Some of my co blogger friends asked me where i got my own domain. So i told them where i got it for they won't regret it because it is very affordable plus the service is so excellent that so far i have not encountered any problems. A buddy blogger once asked me if she can help me with web hosting but i refused because i already have mine for a long time and i am not considering of transferring it to a new one or might just regret later on.

I am contented enough of what i have, since it's not giving me trouble so why should i transfer from one managed hosting to another? She told me that since i have mine set already, she asked me a favor instead that maybe i can asks some of bloggers i knew if they need a colocation for their websites. I sure can help her with that, but i am not that sure how many bloggers i could suggest to her to have the web hosting she has.

When i was just barely starting to blog almost 4 years ago, i never thought that this hobby of mine would last long for i don't like writing before, but now i do love it. I can express my thoughts, feelings and things i noticed around me through blogging. It is my way to get my stress away too whenever i feel so frustrated or down. It really helps me, i can burst my temper here without harming no one physically, lol!

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