Monday, November 22, 2010

Orchids, The Beautiful Flower

Don't i just love flowers!!! That's why i always look forward every spring time because that's the season that i get to see the fresh bloomed flowers. Too bad that the flowers can't stay that long like what i wanted them to, they fade their beauty in a certain time and dies. When spring time comes, mostly flowers that blooms here around in our place is the beautiful tulips. There are also some other kinds of beautiful flowers but tulips is the most fascinating flower for me that i love to take a picture of.

Back in my country, the most beautiful flower that i can never get tired of looking at it is the orchids. Different beautiful vibrant colors. When i went back there to spend my few months vacation with my family, i never missed the chance to take some snaps of those beautiful flowers that i cannot see here in America. They grow more in the country where there is tropical weather. My grandmother's front yard is just filled with so many different kinds of flowers and orchids is one of them. Orchids made her yard looking so stunning, the beauty of the flowers is just too irresistible not to be noticed by people that passes by in her house.

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