Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Blog Is Page Rank Three!!!

Page Rank Check
Yup, that's right! I did not know all that until i checked just awhile ago. I was so surprised because this blog is never been ranked for a long time already! Of course i am happy to know that finally google page rank paid attention to this website of mine. I used to check my websites's ranks all the time before but since the paid blogging website i am into now doesn't require any rank, they just require an own domain websites.

This only means that now this blog is ranked three, i can get more chance to make money online. And that is indeed a good news to me because for all we know Christmas is fast approaching and i certainly need some moolah so i can buy presents for my family and friends, isn't that sound so cool! Well, of course i will still keep this website as personal as possible as i can since i first mainly created this website as my personal journal, not as commercial website.

But since paid blogging is giving me such an awesome opportunity to make money while i am just at home, i grabbed that chance. I am very happy to know all this, i could not believe that i would get a page rank three to one of my websites, but i guess i did! So hats off to this website of mine for having a three page rank from google!!!

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