Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Squeezed Family In Bed

We always find our master's bedroom so tight, even though it's spacious enough for husband and for me. I am not so sure if every family in the world experienced to let their kids sleep with them, but we do. There are times that our kids wants to sleep in our bed and that makes the bed crowded for four of us. Knowing the kids are wiggly when they sleep, poor husband and i has to sleep sidewards for us to fit in on the bed.

I was thinking about my childhood days. I belonged to a big family and my parents owned a not so big house. So, my siblings and i has to share one bedroom and one bed. I can still remember those days like it was only yesterday. There were times that we ended up hitting each other because we were all squeezed in one bed and the bed wasn't that big. We often wake up not in our right position and not in our spot because some of my siblings sleeps like a helicopter propeller lol!
Now, we have two boys that sometimes sleeps with us and the bed is already too tight for us when the kids are around, i was wondering, how much more if we have more than two kids? Where would we sleep? lol! The kids has their own bed but they just love to cuddle with their parents once in awhile. Good thing that i can't make babies anymore, i guess we have to live with a tight bed for now, since it won't last very long and when time passes by, kids will grow and don't want to sleep with dear parents anymore for they want their own space and privacy.

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