Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacman, You're The Man!!!

After all the big fight he had last night with Margarito, once again, Pacman won the fight! He really is a good and gentleman for he was so concerned about his opponent's condition. Margarito has been badly beaten by him and made Margarito's face looked awful. He was severely smacked by Pacman. Manny is one boxer i know so far that has a good heart, thinking that boxing is not just all about fighting, it's not all about killing or damaging opponent permanently. He kept on telling the referee to check Margarito's eyes and cuts, for he probably thinks that he won't be happy winning another belt knowing he damaged someone's life permanently.

I really admire him for having a good heart, being a good person and a gentle kind. He only showed the whole wide world that Filipino are very respectful and has big heart for everyone, a thoughtful and loving kind. To Pacman, you are truly a man and an honor to our country, you are the pride of every Filipino all over the world!!! Hats off to you, you are such a brave man that makes the Filipinos proud to be one!

Congratulations on your winning and goodluck to your new career as a congressman. I am just hoping that there will be more people like you to be in our congress, not corrupting people's money but instead giving some of your blessings to help people that are in need. Thank you so much for making us proud to be a Filipino citizen!!!


texas_sweetie said...

kaway kaway kaayo ang bandera sa Pinas oi weeeeeeeeeeeee ma proud pud tag apil!

Betta sp said...

manny is really tough boxer, i heard that he become a politician, is't true?

Utah Mommy said...

@ Betta SP: Yes he is now a congressman like what i mentioned to my post.

bingkee said...

I also admire this man for having so much faith in God and a formidable reliance on discipline and on God. His strong faith, determination and his au naturelle unpresumptuous character is what makes him so endearing to people.