Friday, November 12, 2010

Spoiled Girl

I am so so happy for my best friend. When i got back here she showed me her new iphone that her husband bought for her. That was her birthday present she got. A very nice and latest phone. She was very happy for she did not expected it to get one for herself. She is still trying to explore the phone for she just barely got it. I told her that i cannot give her a present since i just barely got back from a long vacation and spent so much while i was there. She understood and told me it's alright for she has the very most special gift from her husband. Last week we strolled the mall and bought some Iphone accessories for her phone. A lot of women are so jealous and envy of her, because she gets easily the things that some women can't. She is so spoiled by her husband and she deserves it though.

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