Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grand Canyon Arizona Trip 2010

We sure are glad that we came back home just in time. When we got here last night, a little bit after it started snowing and until now it is still snowing. The forecast was right, the snow came and it was a heavy snow storm. But aside of all that, we enjoyed our fun trip, we stopped by into so many places and took some snaps. The last stop over we did was in Arizona Dam that is located in Page Arizona right around the border in between Arizona and Utah.

Our Grand Canyon trip was awesome, although we were not able to go to see the amazing skywalk in Grand Canyon that built by native Americans. It was a long way from Grand Canyon and it was too late before we knew all that. So instead of wasting time going there, we just decided to stay in Grand Canyon entrance and enjoyed the amazing beauty of nature. Here are some snaps i took below.

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