Sunday, November 21, 2010

Better Bathrooms

Although our house is been built for so many years, hubby was able to renovate it and made it look newer than the original look when he bought it. The only part of the house that i would like to change a little bit is the bathroom. Also, our basement doesn't have bathroom, so hubby said that we might do it early next year replacing our bathroom upstairs and at the same time will put bathroom downstairs too so we can have better bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs.

Kids are growing up and our oldest son might want to move downstairs if he is big enough to own a bigger room and wanting his own privacy. As you know kids here are very independent and wants more of their privacy. So we have to fix the extra room we have downstairs while they are not that old enough yet to think that they needed a bigger space of their own. The house is not that big though, but we can do something for the boys when the time comes that they will demand individual bedroom. While they are still young, we will just let them share one bedroom with one bathroom. Hubby is been thinking about them, for sure when they will be in middle school, they will occupy the rooms downstairs.

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