Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dental Check Up Appointment

It's my dental appointment later today this afternoon. After six months, i get to receive their postcard reminding me about my dental schedule. I love going to the dentist clinic for the dentist owner himself will check me as final. It's his nurses that cleans my teeth and he check me after all the cleaning is done. I had no cavities the last time i visited the clinic, so i am also hoping that today i won't be hearing bad news that my teeth has some cavities.

That reminds me, i need to set an appointment for my son so the doctor can check his teeth as well. I hope that my boy won't throw a fit soon as he sits on the dentist clinic's recliner. He said he just keep on brushing his teeth so there will be no worm that'll eat his teeth, lol! But i told him, he still needs to go see a dentist to make sure that everything is alright and there is no cavities. I'll just cross my fingers for him to say yes, because i am not so sure that he will go with me and have his teeth checked...


Rox said...

Next month, I'll be going to a dentist too for my dental check up. I've been jumping from one dentist to the other because accessibility. The doctor commented that I have no cavities.
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healthsouk said...

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