Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hello There Bombshell!!!

Despite of the lousy weather we have here in Utah right now, i was still able to go out with my dear friend. I helped her shop her luggage for she is now preparing everything for her trip going back to our beloved country for the very first time. After five years of not going home, she is now finally going back to see her family that is excited to see her after long years of not seeing and able to hug her. She also bought some things for her family as her presents for them. I asked her if she is excited going home but she answered me that she isn't that too excited since it is an unplanned trip and knowing that she goes home because her father is very ill.

Anyway, we got everything she needs for her trip and we swung by at the mall. It was also an unplanned shopping for us but i just can't help myself not to buy another underwear from Victoria Secret again. They have another style of bombshell brassiere that waved at me soon as i entered the main entrance of the store, making sure i will get her, lol! So i did get one and of course i got my favorite color, the black one. Also, i got some cute underwear that are on sale. I am glad that i have some coupons with me so to at least lessen the cost of my purchase.

Honestly, i still got some underwear that i haven't worn yet. As a matter of fact, some of them has still tags on it and it's still kept in my underwear drawers. I have no underwear and brassieres anymore that are not Victoria Secret, all what's inside my drawers are all VS. When i saw the new style of the bombshell brassiere, again, i closed my eyes for the price for it is worth to get. I know they are not so affordable but, who cares? I love their style and it fits me really good! I would rather spend few more bucks with my VS than buying those affordable ones and yet i am not comfortable wearing it. It's all about comfort of the brassiere and underwear that i am looking in to. Actually, this is the third bombshell brassiere that i bought, i have two already and they're different style than this new one. Anyway, this is the one that i got today, it's really beautiful and of course it perfectly fits on me! I can now say to myself too, hello there bombshell!!! lol!

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