Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stunning Logo For His Cafe Shop

The internet cafe shop of my youngest brother is working just as what he expected it to be. His business is running great, he is now getting more and more customers that keeps on going back to his internet cafe shop. I am so happy for him because he doesn't have to leave our dear mother alone in the first place, secondly, he doesn't have to work so far away just to earn his own income. I must say that my brother has blessed hands when it comes to computer business.

Now that his business is starting to grow, he is thinking that getting a logo from Logo Design Pros will make his business more known by other customers. He is now making good money everyday with his business so he will be more into advertising it since he saved some budget for it already. The Logo Company that he wanted to make his logo is giving him such a good price and he's happy to know that he got a good deal with it. He told me he that talked to the Logo Design Guru already and he gave him the design of his logo that he wants. He is excited to see it and put it in his internet cafe shop with his new owned Logo. He showed me the other day what his logo will be look like, he made it so simple for the people to easily recognized it.

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