Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kitchen Spice Racks

The trip went well, it was so much fun especially for the kids. Although we did not go to the destination that we were supposed to, but the Grand Canyon was just as great like what we expected. Actually, our trip was the third time we went back there in Grand Canyon and that's why we went back there because we were supposed to witness the beauty of the skywalk that the native american built by the Grand Canyon. But unfortunately, we did not see it for we went to Grand Canyon entrance, we did not know that it was 200 something miles away from the Grand Canyon.
Anyway, as we heading back home, we stopped by in so many scenic views and some good stores with great deals such as native stores and antiques. We also stopped by at the store that we cannot find it here in our town. We bought some nice kitchen spice racks that is just perfect for my new countertop that hubby bought for me. I love the spice racks because i can just fit all the spices that i usually use when i cook. That was the first thing i did this morning soon as i got up, i put all my spices in my kitchen in the spice rack that we bought the other day. My kitchen looks more organized now, i used to put all my spices in my cupboards that is beyond my reach, i have to use the ladder to get all the things i need, but not anymore now since all the spices that i need is within my reach. Either i can get some spice in my wall spice rack or just in the rack that i put in my counter. Easy to get it and it's all in one rack!

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