Friday, November 12, 2010

Losing My Steal Trap Memory

Hubby calls me that way, that i have a "STEAL TRAP" memory. He cannot lie to me for i all remember everything he said for the past days even for the past years. He always brag about me to his friends that my memory is like a steal trap. But i noticed that my memory is not as excellent like it was before, not anymore. After all the four surgeries i have undergone, that's what made my memory becomes slowly active. I kind of felt bad though because i really used to have a very sharp memory. During my school years, i can only read the books once or twice to remember what's all written in there. Then during the test, i can just scan the books through my mind and i can pretty much answer all the questions in the test paper.

I don't think i still can do that now. My very sharp memory is slowly losing and i am not so happy about it. There were a lot of times that i have something that i want to do but then when i go to the place where i should do the things i need to get it done, then i will forget the reason why i am to that place. Arghh!!! It can be frustrating sometimes, it makes me upset because i can't remember what i am going to do. Most of them time too, i forget where i hid things away.

Just like my user's manual for my DSLR camera. I was so upset because i could not find it right away. I felt so guilty though for blaming hubby about it. I thought hubby got rid of it since i was not reading it. He told me before that what's the use of the manual if i don't read it, how am i suppose to learn? Well, there are a lot of ways to learn how to tweak the settings of my camera. I can either just watch some tutorials in youtube or maybe asks some of my photographer friends about it. Anyway, i finally gave up looking for the manual, and sat down here in front of my computer. Then i suddenly remembered that my manual was in my camera's backpack. How silly of me! I put it there because whenever i have question in my mind about the camera, i can just easily grab it and read the answer. Goodness, goodness!!! I know i am still young to be so forgetful but i can't deny that i am now!

I hope that it won't get worse as years go by, i am a little scared about myself though. I used to joke around with my husband that his wife has no longer have a "STEAL TRAP" memory. I am losing the capability to remember everything. How much more if i reach the age of fifty or so? I hate to think about it though. I am blaming all of this to the surgeries i have been had, i was injected general anesthesia four times and i am sure that affected my sharp memory. I am not too old, yet i have a poor memory already. I am just hoping that i will find some way to gain my sharp memory back. I have had a lot of experiences that makes me upset because i keep forgetting things....

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