Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Planting Hobby Of Hers

I get fascinated whenever i see a house that has a hanging plants by their window. It just adds up the beauty of the house especially when the outdoor planters is planted with bloomed beautiful flowers. I am such a flower lover and i can't help my eyes not to noticed those beautiful flowers hanging by the window of outddor planter at someone's house. Actually there was a house here across the street that i always look whenever i am in our living room. Their window and ours are just apart that i could just sit on our couch and watch their house full of bloomed flowers.
I have been into their house many times for she treats me like her daughter. She must have a green hand because her plants grows even if she brings them inside. She's got some indoor planters too that are planted of different kinds of bushes. And her garden in the back? You will be amazed like me when you see it, it has a lot of different kinds of plants. Some of her indoor planter are in there, she put it there because her house is filled with green plants already. I wish i have time to take care of plants like her. That must be her hobby to take care of plants because all her kids are grown already. So she is looking for a hobby that makes her busy.

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