Monday, November 22, 2010

Cleaned The Kitchen

Darn! Headache is still killing me until now! I guess this must be the result of going to bed so late for three nights straight! I was gonna go to bed last night early but i had to get my little one his milk in the kitchen. And then i saw my chores in there waiting for me. After i took my kids to their bed and had them put to sleep, i started to clean the kitchen. Everything, from stove, washed the dishes, cleaned the dining table, scrubbed the counter and swept the floor. I was dead tired after all the chores i did, i hit the bed right after i got finished. Although i did not look at my wrist watch but i can tell that it was already early dawn because a little bit later, my husband got up and got himself ready to work.

I woke up early today too because the kids got up before i did. So i had no choice but to get myself up as well so i can take care of them and prepare some breakfast for them. My oldest one has to go to school and i have to prepare everything for him. I hate taking pills for my annoying headache though but i might because i have been having this since the other day. I might take a nap also with my little one while his big brother is not around. I really need some good sleep, i just hope i can get it later when we both take a nap with my little man.

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