Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bring It On, Snow!!!

The snow finally came here in our place and it's a little heavy that it started to stick on the ground. The boys were able to enjoy the snowfall, i bundled them up to make sure they will be kept warm even though they are outside. When the snow stopped pouring, they decided to get inside the house and ate the porridge i prepared for them. They did not want to come inside the house but then the ground became slushy so they were forced to get inside. Right now the snow is going like crazy. The kids likes to play more and probably thinking " Bring it on, snow, we want to play some more!!!"

I know snow will pour for two days at least like usual, then it will stop in a few days after it'll come back again. The boys wanted me to go out with them but i just told them that i will just watch them from the window for i cannot stand the low temperature outside, it makes me feel so numb and start to have hives. So while there were playing outside, i sneaked through the screen door and took some snaps of them.

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