Saturday, November 20, 2010

Expecting Snowfall

Winter is obviously here and no one can stop it. The temperature is just getting so cold that i cannot go out the house not wearing sweater or coat. As for the forecast today it says that we will be expecting a snowfall. What's good thing about this year though is the winter didn't come too early. But also, we will be expecting a late spring time next year. It did not snow that heavy yet this year and today it might be. I was supposed to take the kids out and eat lunch at mcdonalds where they can play later by the toyland after they eat. Now i am not so sure if i want to take them out since the sky is so dark and the wind is blowing really hard. It will be too cold for us to go outside.

I promised my oldest son to take him out today but since he did not remember it, i won't remind him yet. I am still debating if i will or not take them to mcdonalds. It has been for awhile since i haven't take them out already. Snow is not here yet and if it will come later today, well, i might just take the kids to the food chain and let them play. And oh, by the way that picture above was taken last year, it's not a recent photo.

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