Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scrubs Clothing

It really feels great to know that when your loved ones just finished her studies. After all the hard work you did, it's all worth it when your loved one will hand you her diploma and her medals proving she graduated and she paid your hard work. My cousin just graduated in nursing degree and luckily found her very first job. She is so excited for she has been dreaming to be nurse and finally, her dream came true for she is now an official nurse.

She's asking me to help her find a best place where we can buy her a scrubs clothing, for her to wear soon as she starts in her job. One thing she like about in her new job is the color of their uniform, that happens to be her favorite color. I could not believe how time flies. She was only high school girl when i left my country, and now she is already a professional woman. I will be sending her the nurse uniform soon for she has to get it before she starts her first day in her job. I just wish her good luck for her very first job, i know she will be a hard working young woman, knowing it's her dream to be a nurse and now it came true.

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