Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Credit Score Matters

When i first got here in America, i was not aware of a lot of things here. From how cold the winter would be like, the food they usually eat here, the cultures, the traditions and everything, including the bank statements and all that. When my husband opened a new bank account for me, i was not aware that checking and credit card is also included. I was so naive of everything here in America then. I had bank account before when i was still in Philippines but there was no credit card for my income isn't enough to pay credits.

When hubby told me that i need to build up my credit score, i just nodded my head without even trying to realize what he just said. And now that i have been here for almost six years, i now fully understand what hubby meant long time ago. When he showed me how to get a free credit score, i then understood that building my credit score is very important here in America. Having a good credit report in your record will make the company approves your application to purchase things that you need such as cars, house, and etc.

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