Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interesting Movie I Watched

It's amazing nowadays how a technology can do such things. Just like the Key logger that i saw in the movie i was watching a week ago. What it does is it captures the passwords and screen shots and so many more just by using it. I never knew that there is such thing like it but since i saw it, i was so impressed. Technology nowadays are deadly impressive indeed. They can do a whole lot of helpful things to people. Make things go easier and some of them does the things that are people supposed to be doing it instead.

It was an action movie i was watching with my husband. Although there are some scenes of the movie that i did not quite get it, but the usb that the guy put in his computer caught my attention so much. He was able to recover everything just by hooking the keylogger to the computer and gather all the necessary files that he wanted to get to that computer in no time. After that, he took off and before the bad people that were chasing him came, he already disappeared taking all the files he got from the computer. It was a very interesting movie, and i enjoyed it though there are some times that i have to asked hubby what was going on.

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