Monday, November 22, 2010

Addiction Is Horrendous

The new generation is totally different from the old generation. I can't say that i belonged to the old generation because i myself is not that conservative. The new generation i am talking about is the today kids, the teenagers, they are more outspoken and demands their freedom from their parents. Although i am not that scared that my kids might demand me of some materials someday when they're grown, what i worry the most is about the influences they might get from outside the house, like friends and in school maybe.

Some kids nowadays are not that obedient anymore, they don't listen to their parent's advices and reminders. That's why some of them are ended up going to a teen rehab because they abuse their freedom. This is the country that everyone has freedom and kids sometimes are taking advantage of their rights. They think it is cool to be involved with so many vices such as drinking and smoking that are not actually good for them. Drinking little by little until they'll get addicted to it and will need the help of teen alcohol rehab for them to get away with it. I hate to see the kids ruining their life for nothing. Especially those teens that are so famous but yet, they have to spend their time at the teen drug rehab so they will be treated from their addiction.

That's one thing i will try my best to make sure my kids will be in good hands. I have been praying that they will grow to be a good person and a good example to their fellow teens. As long as hubby and i are guiding them in everything they do, they will grow to be a fine man someday with respect and knows what is right from wrong. Some parents are so unfortunate for having their kids ended up into a situation like they have to undergo treatment because of their addiction. They have to find some teen rehab info, for them to get their kids being active and will be diverted their time from addiction. I worry for my kids, i am always praying that they won't get involve such things that will not help them to build their good future.

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