Sunday, November 28, 2010

Video Converter

When it comes to converting videos, i really am no expert to that. Good thing that my youngest brother knows almost everything when it comes to technology. So, whenever i have trouble or problems that i want to do, like for example looking for a Video Converter so i can upload my video to the website, he is always to the rescue. That's one of the most thing i love about my brother, he is very resourceful and he is able to help me with those kinds of things without having trouble searching for it or maybe asking someone. Since he is there, i depend on my brother whatever i want to know about converting videos.

Now that he's got his own shop, he is accepting some services such as converting videos from ipad for he's got an iPad Video Converter. A lot of college students are now liking him for they have trouble with their assignments before but not anymore now for he can do something like that. Before, they don't know where to go, but since my brother started his little shop nearby the college University, he became so helpful to the students. Some are looking for Video Converter for Mac and he is there to help. I am so glad and happy to know that one of my brothers has a natural skills of technologies. He is very talented on those kind of things, and i sure am proud of him.

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