Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Family Bonding

Our Sunday family bonding wasn't that fancy, but it was a whole lot of fun especially to my boys. Daddy raked all the leaves in our yard while the kids and Mommy were taking pictures. That's how we bond together, we like to do one thing together as family. We had so much fun and enjoyed the weather although it was starting to get chilly earlier and soon as we finished, we decided to get inside the house. It was too much for the kids to stay there in the backyard.

Hubby is glad that he was able to rake the leaves while it did not snow yet, because if he can't rake the leaves and it will snow, then it'll get moldy and it won't be so good for the lawn. The kids did help a little bit by gathering all the leaves they could get. And what mommy did? Of course holding her camera and keep on pressing the button. So, here's some of the good shots that i got earlier.
Daddy's little helperDaddy and the boys in the garbage binLooking at his own reflectionBeing with our most treasures in life, our boys....Mommy's pride and joyWith my five year old young man

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