Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fire Place Gas Logs

Oh winter, winter, i so hate you!!! I really am not so fond of cold weather, for i was born and grew up in a tropical kind of weather which is humid and hot. I am used to it and my body is very sensitive to cold temperature. That's why i rarely go outside during winter time and i pretty much hibernate myself inside the house as possible as i can. And i don't think that i won't be out everyday because i have to take my kindergarten student to his school. I don't like it though but i have no choice since hubby goes to work in the morning and no one else can take our son to school but me.

Yesterday i took my son to his school a little early and i was able to talk to one of his classmates's parent. We talked about how the weather changed so rapidly. From warm to very cold all of the sudden. She said that it's just perfect time that they built the Gas Logs in their house. I was so curious about it because we only have heater here but there is nothing like what she have in her place. She said that she got hers from R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs. They have different varieties of selections that you can choose from.

I must admit that our house is a little small for that kind of thing though so nowhere to put it. I once visited to my son's classmate's house and i am so impressed how she maintained her house so well. She also even have a Vented Gas Logs inside her bedroom, she said it's a good way to keep the room warm and to prevent her kids from too much heat. She also planning to have an Outdoor Gas Logs because her family loves to hang out in their big front lawn a lot, doing some fun stuff such as barbecuing, chitchatting and etc. I told hubby about that house and he said, her husband must have a high paying kind of job for maintaining such a beautiful and huge house like that.

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