Friday, November 12, 2010

Peaceful Place To Play

Cemetery is just a block away from where i live. It is actually a block away behind our house. So we often go there especially during summer time to enjoy the day. But since we did not get to enjoy the summer time here in Utah it's because we went for a long vacation back in my country, we are still happy that we were able to enjoy the good days left when we got back. Although now that is starting to get cold, we still go to this place so my kids can play. It's a safe place for kids to play because there's hardly any people out there (Aside from those buried, lol), also it is a wide place for my oldest son to ride his bike.

Just like these photos i attached below, this was taken at the cemetery by the entrance. It was a good day that day so i took the chance to bond with my kids by strolling them over there. Both my kids enjoyed our walk, the little one fell asleep while the big brother kept on shaking those small trees to let the dried leaves fall out so he can catch all of it.

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