Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Woman Married To American

Funny to think that some fellow Filipina thought that i (who got married to American man) could just easily find men for them. I have been asked so many times that if i could introduce them to someone here i know. Although i keep on repeating myself over and over to them that i only know men here who are those taken as well (married to filipina like me). I might be sound so sarcastic to some of them already but i just can't hide from them that they are just getting so annoying keep on asking me to find them the right man they were looking for.

Well, here's my short story, i met my husband through my aunt and i did not asked her to find me one, she just introduced my husband to me almost seven years ago now and he went to my country to meet me for the first time and from then on we got engaged and got married. But i never begged nor bother anyone to find me an American man just for me to get here in America.

Some women are smarter than those women i know. They instead look for their mister right through online. Although they don't instantly find their perfect match right away, but they are patiently waiting for the right time to come for them. They used their brains and hoping they would find someone that might be their destined partner forever through looking at adult chat rooms. I knew some that they found their husbands through online. And i see no problem with that, while they are having fun searching and getting to know more some of them, they'll be able to compare each one of them which is the best possible guy that they would fall into. In fact, adult chat is one best way to find a right man that they might be looking for, for a long time!

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