Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eye Bags For Sale!!!

If only eye bags can be sold, then i would sell mine. I definitely don't need my excessed eye bags which is the result of having lack of sleep for couple of nights now. I have been up so late this past few nights, that's the only time i can move around though for i cannot keep the house tidy when the kids are still up and running around. Now, i looked like i haven't got any sleep for a year or two! I looked horrible! Goodness!
When i looked at myself in the mirror, i saw a tired face, not refreshed. Supposed to be looking so refreshed soon as getting up from the bed, but no, since i only get very little rest, i hit the bed late then i wake up so early. So how am i supposed to be looking so refreshed knowing i did not get enough sleep? And today, i have to get myself up today so early so i can get things ready for our trip. Not just things that we are going to bring but i have to make sure also that the house is clean when we leave so when we get back home, i have no chores to worry about for i am sure that we will be all tired after the fun trip. Gosh, i really do need a decent good long sleep! Is anyone here that has a good heart to help me by attending my kids while i sleep? lol! I wish someone can though, so i can regain more energy....

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