Friday, November 12, 2010


The Author of this post is Kory Dotson

Sitting here 8 games into the NHL season who would of thought that veteran goalie Tim Thomas would be starting for our beloved Boston Bruins. Not only is he starting, he's a massive impenetrable stone wall between the pipes. Thanks to his sensational play the Bruins are number 1 in points against, due in large part to Thomas' insane 0.50 rating, making him currently the best goalie in the league. It's crazy to think that last year, this guy was basically on his way out after the spectacular debut of rookie phenom Tuuka Rask. Rask now gets to ride the pine as he was the man between the steel for the Bruins' only two losses to Phoenix and the Rangers. With Thomas in net the B's are in complete control; winning all of their games by at least 2 goals. It's a pleasure to turn on the game every night, especially now that I've picked up this sweet satellite package from that lets me watch the games in high definition. This season has been wicked so far but let's hope it keeps up. We are only 8 games into the season and have some tough tests coming up against the like of the powerhouse St. Louis Blues and Alexander the Great and his Capitals. But first, we get to gorge on the lowly Buffalo Sabres. Yummy.

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