Monday, November 15, 2010

Stainless Steel Mailbox

I feel very sorry for my friend right now for she has to leave the country as soon as she can. She needs to go back to our country due to her father is very ill and she is thinking that he won't stay very long anymore. All i could do right now is to help her through finding her a best cheap airline ticket that she can get. We were having so much fun the other day because we were rejoicing the winning of our pride and honor in our country, the Filipino famous boxer Manny Pacquiao. But not knowing that her father was in critical condition already.

Anyway, she will be leaving soon and she asked me a favor to do some unfinished job she has in her house. She wanted me to receive her blomus stainless steel mailboxes that she ordered for herself and for her sister in law. She will be giving the other one to her sister in law as an early christmas present. Also she ordered some blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories for her just barely built fireplace in her living room. She already replaced her old fireplace in her own room as well and she also wants to get some stainless steel fireplace accessories for it.

She only have at least two weeks vacation, so i have to get them ready before she comes back here. That way, i could help her somehow. Hubby will help me to put her stainless steel mailbox soon as her order arrives. I already told hubby about it and he said he will be so glad to help her. She is getting ready now for her trip, a sad trip. She was planning before that she would enjoy her very first come back in our country, but since it's an unplanned trip, i know she would not enjoy her vacation knowing her father is in serious condition.

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