Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Often Do You Wear Make Up?

Some women likes to put make up on their face every time they go out or maybe even if they just stay at home, that is just what i observed here in America. I even go out sometimes not washing my face, especially when i am in a hurry, i just tie my hair, get dressed and then go. It will be too much for me to wear make up knowing i have two kids with me all the time for i am a stay home mother. As for me, i don't wear make up when there is no occasions or special celebration to attend to. But if there is a special event that i am going to attend, that is the only time i wear make up. I have been asked by some of my friends what kind of make up do i use. Honestly, i don't buy expensive ones because for me, it only depends on how you wear it, it doesn't matter whether it is expensive or not. No matter how expensive your make up is but if you don't know how to put it on, then it's not worth buying those pricey ones. For me, i settle with affordable ones for i don't wear make up everyday.

Some of them asked me how i put my make up because my make up is totally different each occasion i attended. Well, i don't really have a particular pattern on how i wear my make up, i just come up of matching colors that i think it would fit to my complexion and of course to my outfit. I don't overdo it, or i might look horrible. So this picture below is the sample of how i wear make up. This was taken last October 30, 2010, during our halloween costume party at my friend's house. Not exaggerated but it shows... How do you wear make up yourself, and how often? Do you prefer to buy the expensive ones or those affordable ones? Well, for me it's just all about how you wear it and how you enhance your beauty wearing make up...


texas_sweetie said...

igat nga bear oi, samot ka kyot tan awn sa costume

Rox said...

You look great on your make-up.

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