Monday, November 22, 2010

Gas Logs For Our Backyard

Winter is the season that i hate the most. I could not do anything outside for fun. My kids love to play snow but not me, i get cold easy, will get hives and my hands will feel numb if i stay too long outside. The temperature dropped down so rapidly lately, in fact the show that my son were watching earlier was being interrupted by a weather news report to warn the certain areas here to be aware of the dangerous blizzards. And that does it for me to just hibernate myself inside the house rather than playing snow outside. Brrrr, i don't think i cant't stand the freezing cold temperature being outside that long. If it's not only i have to take my son to school everyday, i would never go out with this sickening kind of low temperature.
Since my boys like to be in outside so often and play in the backyard, hubby is thinking to get a Gas Logs so we can put it in our backyard. Soon as we get one, hubby said that there is no more excuse for me not to join them outside. I can just sit there close to the R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs that he is going to get for us to keep me warm. Outdoor Gas Logs is indeed a good idea. Soon as the gas logs will be in our backyard, i cannot say NO anymore to my boys, for sure they will drag me along playing snow outside. When that happens, i might start to love going out in the backyard more often since there will be gas logs that will help keep me warm, even though i am outside.

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