Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snow Please Come!

Surprisingly, there is not much of a snow yet here in our place, but the freezing weather is that's killing me. I just wish that it would be better if it rather snow than having a very low freezing temperature. Especially during in the morning when i take my first grader to the bus stop. Luckily the place isn't that far from where our house is, it's just a block away and i have to take him myself there because it is across the street, and i don't trust him crossing the busy highway street by himself yet.

He's been so anxious for the snow to come though because he is very excited to use his sled again up in the mountain. Which reminds me, i have to buy him and his little brother an overall suit so to keep them warm during our play in the snow. I need to find some pairs soon so they can use it. When we went there last time, they were only wearing coats and regular pants, which it wasn't good enough for them not to freeze. This time, i have to make sure that they wear thermal clothing that'll keep them warm for a long time.

These photos were taken last year. The little one was not so happy when we stayed there very long, so i had to bring them back home. After few minutes they stayed inside the house, they decided to go back outside. I let them go out in our backyard instead because if they get so cold, they could just easily comes back in anytime they want and drink a hot choco prepared by mommy with love ♥♥♥

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