Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Wanna Be A Professional Photographer

Going back to school is always been in my mind still. Even though that i have two boys to take care of now, i would love to finish my studies still and will get the program that i would like to finish. I used to dream to be a nurse before, but i guess somehow, i became a nurse now to my family, a private nurse, exclusively for my own family only. So, that made me happy realizing that i got the course that i have been wanting to get, to be a nurse, it's just that, i am not paid with money doing my job, instead i am paid with my family's love.

Anyway, now that i am getting hooked into photography, i said to myself that since there a lot of Online Schools nowadays, i might as well take the online degree programs in photography. I have been searching for it nearby where i can go to everyday and graduate to be a professional photographer. But then since i live in a small city, there is not much school here that offers that kind of program to take. I have to go all the way to next big city to take that. And that would be impossible for me to do knowing i got two boys with me all the time.

Luckily, i found the website right away without hassle, i found the online program just like what i wanted through searching it in the free application for federal student aid of I am taking the photography seriously, and it is because i love this hobby, i know in time, i will succeed.

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