Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Of Mommy's Eyes

It sure breaks my heart everytime i read or hear bad news about newborn babies being thrown out or dumped somewhere. The mother must haven been so heartless for doing such thing. That is horrible! There are lots of couples that wanted to be blessed with kids but then they end up adopting somebody else's babies because they can't make on their own. That is why i feel so blessed for having my two boys. They are the apple of my eyes. Although the big brother is getting so big and doesn't want to be called baby anymore, still he will be my baby forever.

Since it's only me and my little one will be always the one's at home everyday (daddy goes to work and big brother goes to school), i end up photo shooting him. In fact, he's got a lot more pictures than his big brother. Too bad i didn't have the DSLR then when i had my first born child. I could've took pictures as much as what i have of his little brother's. These two shots were taken earlier today after i gave him a nice warm bath. He was hugging and playing with his chicken little (his brother calls it chicken big, because it is big, lol!). Wish i could just keep him as a baby but sadly i can't do that because kids grow so fast and they don't wanna be called baby when they turn three and onwards.

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