Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Photo Shoots

Me and my family are definitely enjoying this summer season. We often go to the Lake close from here and also the bigger lake where mostly people go so they can sail their boats. Even though i don't soak myself in the water, i am happy already to see my family enjoying it being in the water, especially my two boys. They just love water so much and obviously can't get enough of it despite how cold the water is.

The Lake in Mantua (Man-a-way) which is just couple of miles away from where we live is the coldest one since it freezes during winter season. So even if August is the hottest time of the season, still i don't feel like getting my whole body wet there for i can't stand the low temperature of the water. But i was actually surprised when we went to Willard Bay (The bigger lake i was talking about, the water is a lot warmer in there compared to Mantua. So i decided to dip in the water with my best friend. And of course we did the photo shooting first, LOL! Here's some of my photo shoots taken by my best friend :)

I must say that despite of the three C-section and a gall bladder operation i went through, still i don't look too bad, do i? But i have to admit that i need to flatten more my bumpy tummy ;)
Beach bummomimimimommi

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