Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Backyard Renovation

Every winter we always have to put our patio table inside the shed because we don't want to ruin the glass coat on top of it. So we always put it away even before the snow starts pouring so hard. I suggested it to hubby that we should put a roof by our sidewalk so we don't have to drag the table in and out from the shed. I love hanging out in the backyard, especially during summer season. Also, i was planning to get a fire pit so we can burn some woods while we enjoy and relax the day at the backyard.

Anyway, a good friend gave me the best idea to protect our table from getting it ruined. He said that they also got the acrylic table top protector for their table and they have been so happy that their glass table is now protected from anything that could cause damage to it. They also got the accessory street for their sidewalk, and been so far satisfied with what they got.

And since we are going to do that, we might as well plan to replace the sidewalk of acrylic tile. That way, it will enhance the looks of our backyard even more. Plus the nice roof that we have been planning to put. So when summer comes, we will be hanging out in the backyard more often than we used to. Oh, i so can't wait to make it happen, i can now picture out what's gonna be our backyard look like when it is finished.

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