Sunday, May 1, 2011

Was She Asking For A Kiss?

Indeed, Utah has an unpredictable weather. I was so disappointed earlier because i took my kids for a walk and headed to the park so they can enjoy the beautiful day. It was perfect weather, the sun shone so bright and the breeze wasn't that chilly as well. So after i went for an hour jog/walk, i decided to take them to the park. And as my kids were just about to enjoy their stay in the park, the dark clouds came in and had to tell my oldest son that we need to leave before the rain starts to pour on us.

He was upset because he found his girl classmate in the park and was so happy that they will be going to play together. But then, due to the nature interrupting their play, we had to leave right then. He was whining as we walked back home that he wanted to stay, he's got a lot of excuses just to have me let him stay in the park. So i told him that all the kids are starting to leave with their parents because they also realized that the rain is about to pour. They packed their things up and left. So since we just walked, we had to head home as fast as we can so we won't get wet.

Anyway, i am glad that i was able to capture some snaps of my son with his classmate before we left the park, and of course with my little potato. Some were actually taken with their knowledge, but this first picture below was stolen. I was a little bit farther from them because i want them to enjoy their talk as kids. But this one looked like she was asking for a kiss. I teased my son, and he told me that no, she wasn't asking for a kiss from him. He said that she wanted to taste his soda and my son wanted to taste hers as well. Silly kids aren't they? So that really answers the question why the girl is pouting her lips on the first picture. LOL!
Was she asking for a kiss? LOL!His classmate, AriahHis classmate, AriahBusy kids

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