Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Green Dress

It's actually my first time to wear something green like this dress in the picture below. I feel not so comfortable wearing eye catching colors before because i thought i don't look good at it due to my brown skin complexion. But lately, it makes me think to try some other colors aside from black and brown which are my two favorite colors.

I am impressed and surprised for i don't look bad at all. I thought i would be but in fact, i liked it myself. Hubby said that finally i got some other colors than black and brown. He usually see me wearing either black or brown. Now, i am starting to buy assorted colored dress, such like this i am wearing in the picture. I love to wear green now, especially this kind of fabric, soft and snuggly.

1 comment:

Prettymom said...

hi mommy, you should try wearing dresses like this for you look seductive and sexy.. happy new year to you and your family though its way overdue.. see you around..